Louise Poole, President, far left and Lisa Derig, Vice President, far right.

The Small Village Foundation is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to improving the lives of rural South Africans and providing opportunities for Boise-area students to use their talents to help others. The Small Village Foundation accomplishes these goals by funding a variety of clean water, education, and health projects in rural South African villages. Boise-area high school students and adult chaperones visit villages and engage in hands-on humanitarian projects.

The Small Village Foundation was established in 2002 by Jeannine Smith, a resident of Boise, Idaho.  Jeannine was flying to Ghana to teach at a Youth Leadership Institute when she was seated next to Chief Nana Dapaah of Bamboi, Ghana.

During a conversation, he invited Jeannine to come to his village and speak to the women.  She accepted his invitation.  After visiting Bamboi, Jeannine returned to Boise determined to help the people of the village and to provide opportunities for others, especially youths, to participate as well. She started the Small Village Foundation as a vehicle to achieve those goals.

Since 2002, the Small Village Foundation has raised over $250,000.00 to complete dozens of clean water, education, and health projects that have benefitted thousands of rural Africans.  SVF has provided opportunities for Idaho teens and adults to travel to rural Africa and participate in humanitarian projects, to make a personal difference.  The Small Village Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization operated entirely by volunteers and governed by a Board of Directors.

Lisa Derig, President

Louise Poole, Past President

Beth Rebholtz, Vice President
Eileen Barber, Treasurer

Theresa Ryden, Secretary
Board Members: Page Davey, Angie Harrison, Jennifer Jones, Matt Hicks